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Beron Ghenn: What will that accomplish? We have important allies on Coruscant, and it will neither stop the Republic from attacking us nor affect Cracken at all.

*one of the more silent Councilman speaks up* What about a Sith? Or a Jedi? Will the weapon work on them?


Ida: You have? Oh yes, the incident with the teleporter...I remember. Rwos here got in a little spat for doing what he did. I guess I don't need to---

Rwos: *ahem* Ida, I take it you have a message for me?

Ida: Yes. A few messages, actually. One's about your query about the Blood Scrolls. Another's a mission order, and a couple more private ones. What happened to your comm?

Rwos: My communicator? I don't know. I suppose I forgot to turn it back on.

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