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*Cracken looked at Starr, closed his eyes for a minute.... then smiled.... well, well, very interesting. He opened his eyes, and spoke to Starr*

your mission is to train my daughter in the ways of the Force. If necessary, you yourself should attempt to consult teh Holocron, if it will let you.

Loudspeaker: Attention all personal, prepare for jump to light speed in 10 minutes

*Cracken smiled again. Time for war. he nodded to Starr, who gave a bow, and Cracken walked briskley to the bridge. On the Bridge, a Galactic map, current as of one hour ago, was on display. The Republic was moving on Toprawa. damned. Tojo knew what to do, he wasn't stupid.*

Commander, disperse the Interdictor Cruisers in a bockade formation, i want to cut off the Corperate sector. The Titan and her fleet shall jump past Toprawa and head straight for teh space betweem Telos and Ord Radama. Max speed, push our fleets engines to 120%.
*The commanding officer gave him an odd look, but realized whom he was talking to, and gave the orders. The Titan and her 10 Star Destroyers jumped to Hyperspace.*
*Tojo's fleet dropped out of Hyperspace, to see the battle pretty much over. Damned, the Rpublic got here first. not matter.*

Tojo: Open a com channel to there flagship, hold fire. do not raise shields. we must uphold the treaty.
This is Grand Admiral Tojo, of teh Imperial Loyalists. we ask permission to use this space as a holding area for the fleet until furthur orders come in.

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