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Irvine: "What ever or not it does. The real reason to use it should be somewhere that we'd have a strategic advantage."

*uses force to activate the Galatic map*

Irvine: "See already Imperial and republic forces are invading our territory, and from the looks for it it seems that they would be planning on going for any commercal planets to try and choke us from ever being able to fight, its that the right asumption I'm looking at" *turns to Ivan*

Ivan: "Yes, it looks like it so very much indeed. My fellow Councilmen we need to vote to use our fleet and get our selfs a fighting force to defend our selves."

Ravan interupting: "SO what about the Crimson star II?"

Irvine: "We could send repair crews up cus of what the saboteur that did the damage on to it, and eventualy got removed..."

Marcus: "How could you let a person to allow themselves to do it?"

Irvine: "I don't know. It is a quite the size of a space station now isn't it? And at that time I couldn't weild the force, then."

Ravan: "Now I'm curious is to how you suddenly become so powerful so quickly..."
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