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((Thank you Redwing. I was getting a tad bored here))

*Gulltop drops out of hyperspace in a system that seems empty. On the other side of the galaxy a decoy also drops out emmiting the same subspace signature as Gulltop. *

Heimdall: We've finally arrived. Gulltop bring us in.

Gulltop: Yes sir.

*Gulltop quickly enters the shields of Midgard, revealing the cloaked planet. Flying low over the ground, for a few minutes until an enterance to an underground hanger became visible. Entering the hanger Gulltop settles gently to the ground and lowers the boarding ramp.*

Heimdall: Misea, I'll allow you to keep your lightsaber, but you must have control.

*The group leaves Gulltop. and is escorted by a group of Beserks to council chambers.*

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