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*It was early morning on Asgard when the Aesirian Council once again meet to approve the new weapons.*

Odin: You all know why we are here this morning. You have all seen the new weapons in action. Does anyone feel we should not begin full production?

Freya: They will help in are efforts to keep the Jotuns contained and other areas. I see no reason why we shouldn't start full production. Besides if we stop advancing our technology we might as well let the Jotuns lose upon the galaxy.

*The other council members mumble agreements. A vote is quickly taken and the propsal to begin full production is past with out a single dissenting vote*

Odin: Now, Tyr please bring us uptodate on the Gungnir missiles.

Tyr: Gladly, Lord. While in development these missiles will provide a failsafe against the remote chance of a Jotun breaching the containment. Gungir missiles have the ablitiy to destroy a craft after it enters hyperspace. So far in all our test the missile has yet to miss a target.

Idun: How exactly does this work?

Tyr: Basically, once the missile has targeted a ship, it will hunt it until the ship is destroyed. When the targeted ship enters hyperspace the missile basically goes dormant, waiting until the ship exits. Upon which the missile itself locates the ships new coordinates and jumps into hyperspace itself. It will keep doing this until the ship is destroyed.

*Odin signalling Brunhilde to him, as Tyr goes into further detail about the missile*

Odin in a whisper: Brunhilde have one of the Valkyr leave Cracken a message, you know what it is about.

Brunhilde: Yes Lord. I see you read our report. *touching a few buttons She dispatches the order to the appropiate Valkyr.*

*On board Cracken's Flagship, a Valkyr slips into Cracken's quarters undected and leaves a message for him on his desk. And just as she came in the Valkyr left without a trace.
The Message reads:


The Imperial Speratists are planning to complete the Crimson Star II. You have a chance to stop them and destroy the ship before it can be used. If you so desire we will give you the coordinates. You simple must ask for them. Remember we are watching.

At the bottom of the message is an Emblem. One that Cracken would have seen while he was on Asgard hunting for the Time Matrix*
*Above the world of Utgard (Jotun's homeworld), and cloaked ship drops out of hyperspace*

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