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((OOS: That wouldn't work on a stormtrooper actually, but it doesn't really matter right there ))

Beron Ghenn: It seems to me Lokiphet, that you have nothing more than solving your personal vendettas in mind. Why would we waste a virus like this on Tatooine? Why do you wish the Council's help with this?

*Farran reenters the Council room and looks around curiously* Half of the Council is still discussing? It's been hours.

Jun Tarl: Good point...I say we reconvene in a day to discuss the situation.

*another Councilman* No! If we wait to vote on military use until tomorrow, half our important planets will be under the control of the Republic or Cracken's Loyalists!

Tarl: But we only have half the Council here!

Councilman: Please, Tarl. Tell me you don't already know what the result will be? This is a token vote.


Nimalf: *sarcastically* Hooray, our very own ships. Bet they're rigged. *pops stress pills*


*Starr watched Cracken leave in astonishment* I...I have to teach her how to use the Force? Alys? *conflicting thoughts rushed through his head. He didn't want to teach anyone. But somehow he couldn't help feeling happy that he'd be able to spend time with...

Augh! He couldn't think like that. Nothing good would come of a...

No! He couldn't think that either.

*Starr, agitated, turned and headed for his chambers to meditate*


Ida: Well in the past few days, Rwos, so many things have crossed over to this universe from ours in the past three days that the Council is considering classifying this as C-level Red. They're holding off their decision till I can tell them whether or not you think you can handle some of the should explain in one of those messages...

*Rwos is already reading them* Odd...I didn't expect this.

Ida: What?

Rwos: The gargoyle K'Warra is here.

Ida: K'Warra? *pause* I remember him. Why is he here?

Rwos: I don't know. What's odd is that he's apparently here alone. Without any of his charges.

Ida: Sorry...I don't remember, what's the significance of that?

Rwos: Because he wouldn't. I don't know if he can do that. That makes me suspect he was brought here against his will...somehow.

Ida: K'Warra? I'm disturbed.

Rwos: Worse. Just before you arrived, something else arrived here...something powerful. I suspect, very powerful... I sensed it first, and the scanners confirmed it. Whatever it is may be on Coruscant this very moment.

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