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((OOS: Admiral how do Berserks look?

Scar, Orthos is not a Jedi, nor does the Council have outside knowledge of his new powers.))

*Guy sits in his fighter, doing the same thing he'd been doing for the past six hours; monitoring scanners to find Heimdall's ship*

My fighter's faster in warp than those bulky freighters the other Shadows are using...I should get there first.

I'd *better* get there first.

*Guy adjusts the scanners again*

Has to be in hyperspace still...unless they've created a cloak even better than the one on record.

*The scanner suddenly beeps off with results*

Aha! Found the subspace signature...twice? Weird.

*Guy moves to another scanner*

One's got to be a decoy. Wow. Clever. These guys figure stuff out *fast*.

Okay. Neither of them are in any listed systems....or any systems at all, actually.

The first one's near a star...but no least, none listed.

Very close to a star, actually...close enough for a habitable planet? Perhaps they can cloak a planet?

Only one way to check, and that's to go there...

*Guy gets out of his fighter and goes to find Orthos, Irvine and Raschel in the med center, just missing the scanners alerting him to the arrival of Syrnl's ship in the system*


*Misae follows the group, subdued. Marin and Aidan stare around at their surroundings. Aidan carries their pack*

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