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After getting your willingness, Popara continues...

"Of couse, were it something as simple as delivering spice, I would hire any tug captain to do it. There is another matter on Endregaad I need addressed."

"I have two children. Zonnos here is my eldest." Popara motions toward the large Hutt, who lets out a belch as the wookiees hoot. "My youngest child, mika, is on Endregaad taking care of clan business. Since the quarantine was imposed and the blockade put in place, there has been no word from him. The Corporate Sector Authority has been less than forthcoming with information, and it is not interested in the problems of a concerned parent. I want you to land on Endregaad and find Mika. He is yound and .... impulsive. I worry for his wellbeing. Can i trust you to this delicate matter?"

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