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*Leaving the Council, Odin gives more orders to Brunhilde*

Odin: Brunhilde I have a couple more messages to relay. This time to the seperatist.

Brunhilde: Yes sir.

*Odin gives Brunhilde the messages which she inturns transmits to a Valkyr. The Valkyr then deposits the messages in the quarters of Farran, and Irvine. The Valkyr does this undetected, and leaves both messages where they would be easily found.

The Message to Farran reads:

Councilman Farran,

If the Seperatist continue to think about using superweapons, wraith may be invoked. If they turn away and fight with valor assistance may be recieved. We are watching you.

The message to Irvine reads:

Irvine, son of Cracken,

Overconfidence you appear to have. This could be the death of you. Be warned, others plot your death. Care you must take.

Each message contains the same symbol as the one that appears on the message left for cracken*

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