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((I see I made a slight misunderstanding. Beserks are soldiers as such look like any other Aesir. As it stands, the Aesirian military is made up of the regular army/navy, Beserks, Einherjar and Valkyries. The Beserks are elite soldiers. The Einherjar are the elite of the elite (however the Einherjar no longer exist). The Valkyries, they have multiple roles (intelligence ect.) and only women make up their ranks. Hope that clears things up))

*Entering the Council chambers, the group stands behind a desk and four chairs, one sepcially made to accomdate a gargolye. Across the room Vidar, and Tyr sit, along with Idun. Beserks stand at the doors*

Vidar: Welcome home Heimdall. Welcome Misea, Marin and Aidan to our home. Please sit down. There are important things we must tell you.

*The group sits down*

Vidar: However before we do, I need to see the key that the children are carring. Misea I know this may be hard for you, but I trust you will listen to all we have to say.

Heimdall to Marin and Aidan: This is who I told you about. Give him the key and you will recieve answers.

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