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*Deac's ears instinctively prick at the word "K'Warra"*

K' in...enemy of Kejim, the mage who traveled with Starfor Starkiller? Rwos...are you from Mrear? Is the Keep of Dawnfire still there?


*Lokpihet turns away from the council*

Lokpihet: Fine. I'll do this myself

*He goes to a landing pad, and moves to a probe droid. He inserts the virus sample into it's body*

Infect the first being on Nar Shadda you find...

*Probe droid launches*


*Reletha strides after Baron Ghenn*

Reletha: I'd be careful if I were you. Lokpihet is angry at you anyway. Enraging him further could be fatal. Unless...he were to meet with...accident...

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