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*Starfor answers Kejim's question*

[Interliude from Merrindorr's Histories: The Starkiller:

Chapter {Undecided}: The Final Duel
With the Soul Crystal embeded in his chest, Orthos the Black was no longer Mortal. He had become the god of Hate, with Lokpihet in it's former power. To secure his victory, however, he wished to destroy his greatest threat: Elveron Starkiller.
Two armies clashed, and, in a complete mishap, Jorvak Highhammer sliced off the seemingly invincible Lokpihet's arm with the most unlikely of weapons: The Axe of Healing. Jorvak was thenflung to the edge, leaving Orthos and Eleveron.
The two duelled amongst the gathered armies on the ground and in the skies, until Orthos stabbed Elveron through the Heart with the Darksword.
With his last strength, Elveron pulled the sword further into his chest, and in turn, stabbing Orthos through the soul crystal. The godly essence drained from it, leaving Orthos weak and mortal. He did not survive the Starkiller Sword through his chest and instantly died. Elveron had time to make peace with his friends, and threw the sword up into the heavens.

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