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*Cracken sat in the command chair of teh Titan. The blue swirl of hyperspace was the main view from the viewport. a Comm officer came up to him, nervous. Cracken smiled. They stil drew straws on who had to come to talk to the Sith Lord.*

Comm: Sir, a message, priority 1, from an unknown planet. all that's on it is this insignia.

*Cracken took the pad. Asgard. Odin.
He looked at the officer, and waved him away. he opened the message, and it read,

The Imperial Speratists are planning to complete the Crimson Star II. You have a chance to stop them and destroy the ship before it can be used. If you so desire we will give you the coordinates. You simple must ask for them. Remember we are watching.

A Second Crimson Star? Sithspit. he designed that damned thing to be nigh invincible. He keyed the pad, and wrote a reply.

A pleasure to hear from you, as your information is most valuable. An alliance, i am assuming you are suggesting between our two "nations" if you will. I accept, and await the co-ordinates for this Crimson Star II. We must meet and co-ordinate an attack. Taking out the CSII is now our top priority. Attached is the Co-Ordinates for the main fleet and the TITAN.

Cracken ended the message, and the Imperial Insignia graced the bottom of the message. he hit the send button and placed the data pad down...
*Alys hit the deck, and rebounded with a handstand, vaulting over the droid. She came down with her lightsaber, cleaveing the hapless droid in two. this was too easy. Damned droids were helpless against her and her new found awarenes of the Force.

The docking bay in which she used was exclusivly for her and her training. that was nice, she could meditate in silence, and practice with quiet.*

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