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*Marin hesitates, then hands Vidar the key. Misae wears an emotionless mask. She hasn't said a word since they arrived*


Guy: *smiles privately at Irvine's comment* He believed my story about a faulty circuit zapping him. My name is Guy...perhaps your memory was damaged?

*Guy paused and realized he wasn't even sure if Irvine had told him his name* I know I heard it in the vision...but I can't tell him that, now can I?

*quickly to Raschel* I hope that Orthos is alright?

Raschel: Ya, the doctors say Orthos should be waking up at any time now.

Guy: Good...because I need to take the three of you *motioning to Irvine as well* with me to find your friend Heimdall.

Raschel: *taken somewhat aback* Why? I mean, thanks for rescuing Orthos and all that, but why so interested in us? Orthos might know you, but I don't. I don't know anything about you, or your motives.

Guy: Have I given you any reason to distrust me?

Raschel:'re just...different. You want it bluntly? You're odd. Your dress is different than anything I've ever seen, and I've seen alot. Your fighter, if that's what it is, doesn't look like anything I've ever seen either. And come to think of it, how the Force did you get here so fast in that? I spent hours in hyperspace, yet you apparently got here minutes after leaving. Now I know there's something going on here you aren't telling.

Guy: *sighs*

Raschel: ...What did happen to Heimdall?

Guy: *turns away* I expect you don't care. I, however, need to leave. If you don't trust me, you can stay behind. I'm going to go ask Orthos.

*Guy heads away for Orthos' room*

Raschel: Wait! *follows*

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