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*Odin read Cracken's message that the Valkyr relayed. Odin quickly has the Valkyr relay another message.*

The message Reads:

Dear Cracken.

I am not suggesting an Alliance. I am simple prevanting history from repeating itself. For an alliance to even be considered, you must prove your valor, and honor. Destroying the CSII will be a step in that direction. Attached are the coordinates for the CSII, as well as a complete breakdown of everything in that system, down to the last man. You will find a detailed map showing where everything is located. An hour before you launch you will recieve an update to allow for any last minute changes. Do not worry, once the battle has begun the CSII will be destroyed.

Track this message, you will find that it originated in at a computer terminal in your daughter's quarters. The first from your own message pad. You don't need to transmit a message, simple store it in your computer. As I said before we are watching. Good luck.

*the Valkyr finished the message, sent it and slipped out of Alys' room with no hint that she had been there*
*Odin sends for Beowulf, who arrives promtly*

Odin: The Imperial Seperatist are working on another Crimson Star. I don't want a repeat of what happened last time one of those things were built. Dispatch two cruisers to that system. They are to remain cloaked and will watch. Cracken should launch an attack on the CSII. The Cruisers will watch and will not interfer unless Cracken is in desperate need of help.

Beowulf: Yes sir.....sir? Why don't we just destroy the system, and be done with it?

Odin: This is a test for Cracken, I'm giving him the means to conquer his enemies. If he has truely changed then he will destroy it. If he hasn't and has been playing a trick, he will try and capture it. Either way the Crimson Star II will not leave that system. We will make sure of that.

Beowulf: I will personally oversee this operation.

*A little while later, two cruisers leave orbit around Asgard, cloak and enter hyperspace heading to the Crimson Star II*

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