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*Nar Shadda. The smuggler's moon. A human walks down a dark alley, commonplace on the city-planet. He thinks he hears a humming, but blames it on Ryll flashbacks. Then he feels the pain, and begins to sneeze. He believes it only to be mild Nikto 'flu, and takes a hover train home.
In his coughing and sneezing he spreads the virus.

A day later, he mercilessly guns down everybody in a Nar Shadda cantina, collapses and dies.

In three days, the whole section of the Durro section is quarentined.

The Raging death has struck*

*Lokpihet views the casualty reports*

Lokpihet: See? I told you it would work. Let's hope it gets off Nar Shadda before they declare martial law...

*Reletha scowls and whispers to Baron Ghenn*

Reletha: See? He is insane. The plague is a danger to us all. If you are truly with me, meet me in my chambers after the meeting.


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