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((No. Gargoyles come from Earth. Most gargoyles currently exist on a dimensional plane attached to Earth by magic - they left there along with most other nonhuman and/or magical peoples some thousands of years ago. In Rwos' universe, of course))

Rwos: It doesn't sound familiar, but I can't say whether my people know of it or not. *to Ida* What? A quarantine? An invasion? Has the Blades leadership become brain dead?

Ida: Rwos, you were sent here to deal with the illegal presence of the two organizations called the Serpents and the Shadows. The council agrees that you have dealt decisively with the former, but little with the latter. With the new foreign presences in this di---

Rwos: I don't even know what the new presences are! How can the Council expect me to respond at this time?

Ida: Why so...flustered? This isn't like you, Rwos.

Rwos: You're right. I have a proposal: you, or perhaps someone else, remains with me until I can answer the question.

Ida: I was going to tell you that our superiors had suggested that, except you kept interrupting me. Rwos, is there a problem?

Rwos: No...none.


*Ghenn meets Reletha in her chambers some time later* I am with you. Lokiphet needs to be...eliminated, for the good of the Separatist Empire.

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