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*Irvine sitting in the council chambers in his own chair, after reletha whispers to Baron. Irvine couldn't think of anything else.*

Irvine: 'Who really is this Lokpehit? And why is it that Im barely not even showing that im holding myself back from attacking him, let alone keeping my emotions controled. Damn it old man, you promissed me power beyond any living thing in this universe but you only gave only but half the knowledge...'


Ravan whispering to Ivan: "Your nephew seems a little distracted, I think laster you should talk to him?"

Ivan whispering back to Ravan: "Prehaps, but this is more important, I mean no disrespect to Irvine, but I'm sure he has things to deal with on his own. He's always been like that... How ever with this virus, Lokpehit has to be delt with... I'll take care of it..."

*Ivan stands. And the rest of the council looks towards him, and Ravan soon follows, placing a hand on a consealed Ligthsaber.*

Ivan: "Lokephit, You have disobeyed the orders of this council. Reguardless of what has happened, what you did still needs to be looked at. How ever if you don't follow our directions, with consideration of how the already had already been broken out, this Council would eventualy set matters to put a means of control upon your activites, permanately..."

Irvine looking up: "I'm sorry but I have to agree with my uncle on this one. Lokpehit, I suddjest you personally see to it that the matter is controled to the point of where it would signifigantly prove effective as a strategic advantage to a victory, It'll all blow right back into our faces. But I say this in the true interests of the council, my I add."
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