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((continued ))

Idun: Thank you, Lord Vidar. To clear up the confusion you may be having now, I will give you some history of our people. And the true reason behind the holocaust. First you need to know who we are, and second where you are. We are the Vanir, which means we are the Aesir. You are at the last stronghold of our people. At the moment the last safe planet left in the galaxy.

Now for some history. For thousands of years we have watched over and protected this galaxy. We held back a race called the Jotuns, they possess an evil greater then the most powerful Sith Lord. In fact the Jotunl had a hand in creating the Sith. When we discovered this we immediatly killed the Jotun but damage had already been done. It was luckly that we killed the Jotun when we did, for the Sith were never able to gain the power of the Jotuns.

Jotuns are giants and pure evil; they may be classified into two types, Fire and Frost. The classification is simple, it deals with their speciality in killing. Fire Jotuns incinerate their foes, while Frost Jotuns basically freeze their opponets. I'll pause a moment and show you.

*A hologram appears showing two Jotuns attacking a village. One of the Jotun holds out his hand and a ball of fire appears. He takes the ball and hurls it at a group of women and children running away. The fire envelops them and incinerates everyone of them. All the while the Jotun is laughing in delight. The other creates a ball of forst, and tosses at a group of soldier who were vailantly trying to defend the area. When that ball hit they froze, and the Jotun took sadistic pleasure in eradicating each one of them. The clip continues for a minute showing even more horrors, then it shuts off and Idun continues*

Those were two of the weaker Jotuns. They get their power from the Force, like the Jedi and Sith. However they are far more advanced. Jotuns live for destruction and death. If let loose upon the galaxy they would fulfill ever sadistic desire and destroyed the galaxy a long time ago. We stoped that and contained them to their homeworld of Utgard, and kept a constant vigile to ensure none of them escaped, Until Ragnarok. When we could not prevant it.

Now to Fenrir, which the Prophecies named. Fenrir is a creature shaped like a wolf. It is one of the greatest evils, when very young it was already powerful and evil. We bound it, and in doing so Tyr lost his hand. Fenrir was to remain that way until Ragnarok, upon which he would fight Odin and finally be killed by Vidar. However, Odin was killed. We knew it was only a matter of time before he would be able to escape and begin his reign of destruction, and we would be powerless to stop it. We recieved this yesterday.

*Another hologram appears this time Showing Fenrir, breaking the chains that bound him. 100 Einherjar rushed into the room in an attempt to stop Fenrir from breaking free. Even though they arrived before the Fenrir was completly free, THe wolf could not be stopped. Fenrir ripped apart the 100 einherjar, throwing one into the recorded showing the mutilated face of the dead warrior, and blocking the other carnage. Grissly sounds still came though. THe hologram turned off*

Fenrir has broken free, killed the last of the Einherjar and a regiment of Beserks. He is still in a weakened state and is now currently searching for his brother. With each day that passes he will grow stronger and his appitete for destrution will increase.

Finally on to the Holocaust. As I said without Odin, we are unable to stop Fenrir. When Odin was about to die we dispatched part of our fleet to try and save him. About the time of the stand off the Jotuns launched a massive offensive against our weekened forces. They were breaking free. Vidar gave the threat hoping that Odin would be released and that the fleet could return and defeat the Jotuns. This was not the case. Odin was going to die and the Jotuns were on the verge of escaping. That was when it was decided to launch the torpedoes. Perhaps doing so would save Odin, and we could still defeat the Jotuns. If that couldn't happen then we would keep as many people from suffering a horrible death as possible. For that reason, we picked the most populated, and important planets. When the Stars were destroyed the populace never new what happened. They were dead in an instant feeling no pain or fear. We left planets with little to no population, and of little importance in the hopes they would be overlooked by Fenrir. Even though we knew it would be in Vain, Fenrir would hunt them down, no matter how long it took. We also tried to destroy the Jotuns. Yet as I said Evil is not so easily destroyed. Two days ago we learned that Six Jotuns survived the holocaust, Surt the most powerful Fire Jotun leads them and they know Fenrir is free and plan on joining him and his brother.

Vidar: We now have a chance to undo all of this, but the undertaking of this will be beset by dangers all around. You have been giving a lot of information, and we are now open to any of your questions.

((I know very long but please read, many things are explained))

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