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*Cracken looked at the message. a security leak. Damnit. oh well, it was Odin, a minor bother. he waved over his security officer. when the officer came up to him, he started to choke him through the Force*

You have a security leak. luckely, it is not from the Seperatists. if it happens again, your life is forfit, do you understand?
*The officer gave a weak nodd, as he gasped or air. Cracken realeased him, and he fell to the floor, gasping. Vadar knew how to run a tight ship. he was not about to give up tried and true methods.*

Allow this person to remain on board. he or she should not be a problem. send a comm to Tojo, and have him rally to our point. we will make preperations to attack the CSII.
*Alys returned to her room, tired, and weary. she sat down, and turned on the Holoprojector. She found Holonet, and kept it on while she changed into clean sweat pants and a t-shirt.*

Holonet: and in Galactic news, the Imperial Loyalists have begun there war on the Seperatists. Rumor has it that the Seperatists have been, or havecompleted a new Crimson Star. Uknown is the location, however, the Loyalists will most likely be be concerned with taking out this new weapon. Emperor Cracken was unavailable for comment.

Turning to sports, the Galactic Pod Race Circut was won by.....

*Alys stopped paying attention. a new Crimson Star? as she laid down to sleep, her mind drifted to the possibilty of her first combat experience as a Jedi.......

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