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i'm with 15 use the A-wing and be super accurate and fast don't worry bout the tie fighters until the giant wave that comes at you from in front of the cloud city then turn with all your might and target as many as you can with the missiles (as long as you've got advanced seeker missiles) then turn back get the bonus and take out the last platform until i did what i just told you i didn't have a chance of getting the gold medel in Battle Above Taalaron
and when it comes to Kile II since you've beaten it with the regular ships take the Naboo starfighter in and go immediately for the Radar Station and the Barracks and remember the exact route you took going in so you can come out the same way and go straight for the last target i forget now what it's called but you know it and go in hot and you should get the gold as long as you keep you shooting down and hit almost everything you fire at from the first shot on.....

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