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battledog: there are no active TIEs in the system where the CSII is. as far as it is currently, its basically dead. And the Council hasn't sent out any repair crews as of yet.

*On Nar Shadda: Wide spread panic and chaos rage, as a Sole figure standing alone on a plateu far from the nearest city, the figure wore a breathing apparatis, and held a remote control to a ship that was approching him...
The ship got close to him, and the loading door had opened allowing him to force jump into the ship.
He took off the appatatis.*

??? speaking to the ships computer: "Janova, scan my body for any and all contaminants."

Janvoa: "Scanning..." *a sort of hum sound can be herd* "No Commander, there are no contaminants or biological deseases or infections presant in you body."

???: "Good. lets break for orbit. As soon as its been done I want to plot a new set of coordants, Couresant."

Janova: "Yes commander."

*The main engines on the spaceship fire, as it reaches orbit, and is encountered by Republicain and Imperial loyalist containment frigates. The ship quickly jumps into hyperspace, after warnings from both groups that they'd fire upon it.*
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