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Originally posted by Livingdeadjedi
Oh as for the Duel map its been requested that it be purely the gantry, but no window room and really thin like movie ?? any thoughts people ??
Well, I think the duel map should consist of the areas visited by Luke and Darth Vader in their duel (carbon freezing chambers, window room, and gantry). Plus, a good amount of the fighting in Carbonfreezing2 occurs in the Bespin hallways. This is definitely nice, but on the other hand I would like a map that was more centered around the Luke vs. Vader dueling area. So, I think a duel map (and even a ffa map ) for this area would be great!

And, as far as the gantry only duel with no window room...I think that would be a little on the boring side. It's kind of a drag when, in a duel map, one player starts on one side of the map and the other player starts on the other. They both run to each other, jump around a bit, then one kills the other, and it all starts over again. In this type of map there is no room for ducking away and only some room for strategy.

But, that's just my opinion.
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