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The main reasons why MICP has been halted for so long...[list=1][*]Exams[*]Homework[*]Coursework[*]General Lack of time[*]HDD Wipe[*]Life[*]Clanbase[/list=1]
Unfortuantly everything has caved in on the project. ATM its on a state of holding, but doing what we can when we have some free time. We would be like glad if you could help out.

Also sue to clanbase being more popular as time goes on the actual use of MICP gets lower and lower. I will try to contiune work on the project but it will be slow. I would really like to be able to finish this as time goes on, but as i have said its going to be slow.

Unfinished Items...
  • Main Design (Never got finished),
  • 60% of PHP Coding,
  • Admin Area,
  • User Area,
  • Main League Code (Possibly being removed),
  • Individual Game Admin,
Maybe I'll start a thread, although my organisational skills are not too great. And anyway, actually, that's a job for the people in charge
Actually its not, we perhaps forgot to mention this at the time of coding. The main point of MICP is that it *could* run itself. Each game would have its leader, and that leader would organise battles, much like clanbase. People would be able to challenge us through the MICP console which would contact the specific game leader. So you can organise the games and MICP page would only be for organsing games. In the mean time you can use this forum for it. We just need some interest to start the games going.

The next thing your going to have to decide is, is the clan a serious one and entering the clanbase leage? or just a piss around and a general laugh. Im going to need feedback on this soon as i keep coding it. If its going to be a more fun loving clan ill have to remove or add new features.

I hope this answers some of your questions. If you want to ask anything please ask away, ill try to answer them. At the moment it *seems* like its just me running the whole place now. Ill try to get in touch with Murray-Mint and Pedgey. If i cant get either to come back i will be needing some new staff members. Unfortuantly im not the best php coder in the world, (thats murray) and pete was the designer. I would hopefully like to replace them if nesseccary to do so.

Please help if you can for the two jobs that *might* be on offer.
  • PHP Coder (Only experienced sorry)
  • News Updater (Just updating game news, eg patches)
  • Web-Designer

As unfortuantly i dont have enough time to forfill both jobs as i am currently undertaking other projects as time goes on. Please if you can help.

Thank You

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