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Isn't it best to start with the basics?

First of all, we need a bunch of people willing to play. We need to know what games they have, and what hours best suit them. Most importantly, some brilliant person(s) should be able to organize 'get-togethers' - they have bookable servers, right?

Basically, it's a matter of posting something along the lines of this in the forum:
"Well, I'll be on [Server] playing [Game] at [Time]. I'll probably leave that server at [Time]. We're playing on [Map]. The password is [Password]"

There should also be "official" get-togethers. With specially booked servers (?), set times, set games, etc.

THEN you start to build a website.

I think this project started off as a way of making the MIQC better, or diversifying it - and, should it have happened fast enough, I'm sure a lot of people would have moved straight from MIQC to the MICP and everyone would've continued on playing happily. Also, Im not sure, but I think MIQC closed - whether the reason was MICP or not, I'm unsure.

Now, it's taken too long, and there's a lot less interest in playing as a group because of the gap.

So, to recap. We need to:

>Find out who's interested
>Find out what games they have
>Play those games at suitable times.

Then build the website. Nobody cares if the website looks good. As long as there are people on servers killing each other, then that should be that.
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