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Great job man!
Thank you once again LDJ. Your shapes, contours, and lighting are just amazing. (for your maps that is... I've never seen YOUR shapes and contours )
You really captured the architecture around the halls and such of Bespin, in my opinion.
Thank you for making such a big Carbon Chamber room too. Now we can really battle in there.
I'm looking forward to the additional duel maps. Since your making one with Vader's shuttle, maybe you should make one with Slave One as well. While you're at it make another with the Falcon and you can release them all in seperate packages as collector items and thus do things in true Lucas-Merchandising fashion

Your mapping talents are truly a wonderful gift for bums like us to play with over and over again
Thank you! Oh, Her Majesty the Queen has just sent word that you have been knighted... congratulations, Sir LivingDeadJedi!!

You've made yet another map that I would love to play through on a Single Player(or Co-Op) Mission.
"Race past stormtroopers and Boba Fett to confront Darth Vader and learn your true destiny!"


May the force be with you.
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