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Irvine relaxed even through the death of the council member: "What a stuborn fool you have suddenly become Lokpihet. You think you'd have enough time to infect me, and while I'm infected, you can also kill me. I have some news for you, I'm not that easily killed. I've been purposely been hiding my powers, even as it grows I hide that increase, how ever it does slow down the process of my midichlorons of becoming fully active, I hardly doubt that you are even half as strong as I..."

*with a single hand, Irvine uses force grip to crush all Lokpihet's weapony and the control device, thus disabling it. Then usign his other hand, Irvine just extends two fingers, and twists his wrist to send Lokpihet flying into the closest wall with very unsith-like other words, very hard and fast*

Irvine: "If that doesn't get you to understand, becuase there can be some very good use thatyou can still redeam yourself with, how ever, your virus..." *shakes head* "....won't work on me, maybe the council members, but not me. You see I had inplanted when I was younger, a very enhanced form of microbiotic nanomechines to help fight a very bad desease i had, thus the reason why I have no pigment in my hair, how ever the desease did trigger some, how ever very little activation of my natural defences, other wise meaning my midichloron count increased a little for an unknown reason. How ever the reason why i survived too an unknown reason, Maybe due to my families history of being so incluned with the force, no wonder why I sense my own sister growing stronger also every minute as well. But the nanomechine that were implanted help very little, and lets say that they are good for life... So you see, your virus can't kill me, maybe slow me down, but I won't die."
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