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Originally posted by Hellfire Jedi
Lips look like they need to be more towards the head *DON'T BLOW A CASKET* If from the lips look like that really then hella great job on it
I don't watch the show much
Yup, the lips really do look like that. But thanks for the crit anyway.
As the story goes, kids would make fun of her when she was a child, calling her "duckface" or something like that. But now that she's grown up into a beautiful woman, you know those lips are great for... kissing. Yeah, that's it. I was gonna say kissing. Anyway...

Originally posted by Hellfire Jedi
I like the taunts too
Some kinda err nasty ''You going to stick it in'' err
Fat and ugly Xev Bellringer was arrested and convicted of the crime of "failure to perform her wifely duties." She was sentenced to be transformed into a loveslave. So she was placed in the lusticon which transformed her into a beautiful woman. But something went wrong and her DNA was mixed with that of a vicious, brain-eating clusterlizard. Given superhuman strenth and agility, she managed to escape from the lusticon before her brain was reprogrammed. Even though she wasn't enslaved, she has been cursed with a "highly accelerated libido." Therefore, she is usually looking to get laid. 790, the idiotic robot head on the show, once described her as a "space slut."

And you can take one good guess what her lightsaber will look like!
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