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*Idun looks at Aidan with a piercing eyes. Almost as if Idun was reading Aidan mind and nothing could be hidden from her*

Idun whispering so where only Heimdall could here (almost mouthing the words): I trust you know that Aidan was able to hear some if not all of our conversations.

Heimdall: I know.

*Heimdall walks behind Aidan, leans over and talks into his ear*

Heimdall: My dear gargoyle, I know you heard some of our conversation and are suspicous. Please think about this, if we were truely trying to hide information from you do you think we would talk in front of you, and a jedi who could enhance her hearing? If you must know, my brother told me that two Norns, who are very important to my people died yesterday. Finally ask if your curious, we hold true to our word. Oh, and yes we have had experiences with gargoyles in the past.

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