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((OOS: Vidar said "They don't need to know about this"

@Deac: Oops

But Syrnl has gone kooky if he thinks the human Guy or reptile/lion-like K'beran Raschel is a gargoyle but then again maybe he's never seen a K'beran, considering their rareness))

*Guy moves out of the way, revealing Syrnl to Raschel's sight*

Raschel: are Syrnl?

*Raschel points her blaster in his face* You're the murderer who killed my parents for hiding me. Don't remember me, huh? Well that's because you never saw me...but I was there, all right...the alien sheltered by the Kamios family.

And you killed them for it.

You might have fooled Orthos, but certainly not me!

*Guy stares in puzzlement at Syrnl* He said "gargoyle". He called Raschel a gargoyle...she's a K'beran. She doesn't look that much like one.

But there are no gargoyles here. That I know of...

*Flash. Guy running into Heimdall's ship, cursorly glancing over the passengers, yelling warning for at Heimdall to leave.

One of the passengers...

Blue skin. Spiked brow. Pointed ears. Hints of fangs. Wings. A tail.

A gargoyle! How could he have missed that?!

The girl that had been sitting next to him...

He had seen her picture somewhere. In casefiles. He was sure of it.

This may go deeper than I thought...and I have a feeling I won't like where it takes me...

Oh no! With all this time I've wasted, the others could get there before me!

Orthos. I hate to ask this of someone in your condition...but will you come with me on a very small trip? I promise, it won't take long.

Not with a warp drive, anyway, but you won't know that.

Why don't I just go without them...? They'll make things much more difficult. Then again, I have no idea what I'm going to do once I get there! Couldn't that damned vision have been more specific...?

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