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Exclamation Beam Me Up

Riff - Please help if you can for the two jobs that *might* be on offer.
  • PHP Coder (Only experienced sorry)
  • News Updater (Just updating game news, eg patches)
  • Web-Designer
I do a bit of PHP coding, website design and random ranting on occasions so I guess I'm applying for all the offered jobs.

Feel free to take a look at my cronically semi-finished website:

scabb - Also, Im not sure, but I think MIQC closed - whether the reason was MICP or not, I'm unsure
Lack of interest. I think Mort-hog was running the clan and since people weren't really playing any games he decided to stop wasting his time.
I'm sure this thing won't suffer the same fate though.

"There is no honour without pie." -Shakespeare

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