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*Syrnl stares sadly at Raschel*

I're right. But...if it comforts you, Raschel, then I will tell you this *He notices Orthos is not listening and whispers*...I will...die...

Once joined with an Avatar, we are not meant to live without it...I have about three months before I am judged. I'm supposed to be dead anyway. Kill me if you wish. Tell Orthos my condition accelerated. Lie to the crew of the Pheonix, let Orthos take the beam weapons.
Do all this and you will be a Darkstar. If my brother was able to show me one thing before...*Syrnl if to say "he was taken elsewhere," not "his death", but continues* it was forgiveness and acceptance.

If you let me live, I want you to help me take down Lokpihet and Reletha.

*Orthos looks at Guy*

What sort of trip?

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