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((OOS: Deac: Scar, Syrnl is not a natural Jedi. As far as I know, he has no Force powers - Deac, am I right?))

*Raschel stares Syrnl down over the barrel of her rifle*

Forgiveness and acceptance?

This is the man who killed my father.

*Another voice spoke in her head*

He's not the Darkstar anymore.

If you kill him, you'll be just like'll be him.

*Raschel's eyes widen and she points the rifle barrel safely at the ceiling. She turns away, not looking at Syrnl as she speaks* Orthos inherited an Avatar too - did you know that? But he did what you didn't - he rejected it. He rejected evil for good, Syrnl. Maybe if you'd done the same before it corrupted your soul, you would have a chance now. But if you're telling the truth, it's too late. Fate, I suppose, has a better punishment for you than any I could devise.

Guy: *to Orthos* To find your friend Heimdall. I...well, it's important. It will take too long if I try to explain right now. You okay to go?

Hopefully he'll feel he owes it to me for getting him off that planet in one piece...

*Invisible to everyone in the room, cloaked from the Force, a watching man in a dark trenchcoat smiles sadly at Raschel and Syrnl, turns, and leaves through the wall*

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