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[Red: Syrnl is a jedi in the same way as Deac. Once he saw the experiment worked on Deac, he used the treatment for himself, but Deac destroyed the lab- or did he? New RPG idea...]

*Syrnl looks with sympathy at Raschel.*

You're right...tell me...does he know...about what could happen to him? He was always a bright child...and I was such a poor father. Nevertheless, my time draws short...and I might just go to purgatory if I take out the Darkstar's other children.

*Syrnl places a supportive hand on Orthos shoulder*

Son...whatever I did before...I'm sorry. And I'm proud of you now. Be careful. Be safe. You're this galaxy's only hope...Darkkiller.

*He turns to Guy*

You keep him alive out there.


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