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Originally posted by Jedi Skywalker
I must have a gold medal on the next levels:

Defection at Corellia 9:41 55 23% 100 0
Assault on Kile II 4:50 74 51% 0 0
Escape from Fest 6:24 59 30% 7 1
Raid on Sullust 4:54 39 76% 0 1
Moff Seerdon's revenge 6:04 45 45% 51 0

I've gotten a gold medal on the level Battle of Hoth, I've completed the level in 3:41 with a 70% accuracy.

In wich time did you completed the Death Star Trench Run Plo?
I've completed it in 2:39 minutes and with 75% accuracy.
defection at corellia use your right and left brake as much as you can while chasing down the bombers and the speeder boats and while taking down the at at's also get the bonus that is in the middle of the buildings near the tech center (in the direction the game sends you after the falcon appears) and at the start of the mission don't let the game tell you where to go immediately start for the probe droids and that will cut down about 7 seconds off the time.

Assault on Kile II: use the x-wing if at all possible start out with the s-foils closed and at the first left turn off turn and bring your s-foils into attack position and don't hit the brakes at all cost!!!! once you take out the first enemy outpost close s-foils again and go towards the next enemy outpost at full throttle when you come around the corner open s-foils again and open fire on the missile launcher and the other targets then once they're destroyed close the foils again and full throttle head for the barracks and sensor array remember it will be mostly left turns and remember the way you took going in so you can come back out the same way. take out the laser turrets at the barracks then the missile and laser turrets at the sensor array then take out the sensor array and then the barracks always keeping s-foils closed when at all possible to make up time. head towards the spaceport once the array and barracks are destroyed and don't worry about the tie fighters that you meet on the way but take out all ground targets you can on your way to the space port once you take out the spaceport you should have done all this in less than 6:00 minutes

Escape From Fest: take out the two st on the right side of the hill and the droid tank. then the two turrets on the right side of the hill as you head towards the first at at take out as many of the st near the at at as you can before you ever reach the at at use the right brake and turn right as you hook the at at and use the brake as much as you can to stay close to the at at that will cut time and you'll bring it down quicker. as soon as it's down head to the second at at taking out the buildings and turrets that are directly in front of the power generator then take out the at at with the same tactic as with the first one. fire at the generator after taking down the at at but don't concentrate on destroying it yet. head to the third at at and take it down in like fashion (you should hear "the gate is down repeat the gate is down" somewhere around your approach to the third at at or while you're taking it out. once the third at at is disposed of head back towards the generator taking out the tank in front of it and then the generator. take out the next tank then head back towards your at pt's and head along the ridge on their right and take out the tanks heading in then turn and take out the tanks on the other side of the canyon then turn and take out the tanks near the last turret then head back and take out the last of the tanks then take the tie bombers down as fast as you can don't let them start bombing the atpt's or you're not going to get the gold once you take out all four sets of tie bombers take out the st and missile turrets near the facility then head up the hill and get the bonus destroying both laser turrets on ;your way in doing all this should get you the gold ( i know it sounds complicated but it's actually quite easy)

Raid on sullust: use the naboo starfighter if you've downloaded the patch then head full throttle destroying everything in your path this level takes practice

Moff Seerdon's Revenge: again use the naboo fighter to take this level out. quickly take out the missile turret at the beginning then head down with secondary weapons armed and quickly take out the at st before it takes out the bacta tank after that take out your targets as quickly as possible. (it is very hard to finish with a gold medal in this level with the x-wing)

there is the way i do those levels jedi skywalker i hope it helps you out

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