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((Ah. Thanks for clarifying ^_^))

*Raschel and Guy help Orthos to Guy's ship*

Raschel: Guy, if it's alright I'd like to take along the ship I used to get here.

Guy: That may not be the best idea, Raschel...I have a feeling we may be met with hostility when we get to our destination, and your fighter is only just combat-worthy. *looks at the Assault Gunboat critically*

*to Orthos* Do you have any meds we should bring along?


*Aidan sits in his room stewing. He didn't trust or like the Aesir, but as far as he could figure out he was stuck with them. If Marin---her voice spoke in his head*

<Aidan, I know you can't reply, but if you can hear me, and they didn't take your pack, look in it.>

*Aidan picks the pack up off the floor and looks in it* What am I looking for?

*As if she had heard him, another reply came* <There's something new in there. I got it from the Shadow's ship.> *somehow she managed to get across a grin in the tone of her voice* <It's a blue cube...the blue cube. The morphing cube.>

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