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Heimdall: If you will follow me, I will show you to your rooms.

*The group gets up and follows Heimdall out of the council chambers. He leads them to a large elegant room, which connects to three bedrooms. Heimdall then points each to their respective rooms*

Heimdall: Misea, that is your room *motions to the center bedroom*. You will find necessary equipment to pratice your lightsaber if you so desire. Aidan, this is your room *points to the left bedroom* it was designed to better accomadate your kind. Maring *motions to the bedroom on the right* that is your room. If any of you need anything hit the call button on the table. Dinner will be served in two hours. Until then I will take my leave.

*Aidan sits in his room stewing. He didn't trust or like the Aesir, but as far as he could figure out he was stuck with them. If Marin---her voice spoke in his head*..... ((pointless to redo the whole thing but this is where Red's post begins if you couldn't tell ))

*Heimdall meets Vidar, they sit down and drink some tea*

Heimdall: It is good to see you again. When will the funeral be for the Norns?

Vidar: Tomorrow

Heimdall: We should invite our guest.

Vidar: We will do that. Maybe it will lessen their suspicion.

Heimdall: They have everyright to be suspicious, if they weren't then I don't know if I would trust them at all. We know have to protect them though. They are being hunted by the Shadows.

Vidar: As long as they are in our care then the Shadows will not take them. What are your impressions of our guest.

Heimdall: The Misea is going through a hard time. Aidan, is hot headed, Marin is more rational. Now just for the others to arrive.

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