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ooh! a good spot to have where my new character is got Aesir stuff ^.^
how ever, taht other idea that you had about that lab being destoryed or not could take place b4 c8 in the mean time ^.^

*Irvine Cracken, before his merging, is on route to his newest assignment: Assist, Absurve and Manage the Construction of the Crimson Star II.*

Irvine to himself: "Man this is going to take a few years, heez, why after a few years of not seeing him, does Ivan, need my help putting this thing together. Sithspit, the Empire doesn't need another one... Doesn't my father think one's enough!?"


*??? holding a letter.*

???: "So, eh, Heimdall was it? I herd to come to you for this 'job'?"
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