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Guy: I suppose Irvine isn't coming...well, we can always come back for him in any case.

*Guy closes the canopy of the fighter, then cloaks the windows, preventing any of the others from seeing outside*

Can't have them wondering why hyperspace looks so funny all of a sudden...

*Guy presses several buttons on the console and brings down what looks like a targeting computer and looks in* Readying for jump to hyperspace...

Raschel: But you haven't started the engines yet.

Guy: Ah...well, this fighter's a little unusual. I, uh, have to set the...settings before taking off.

Raschel: I...see.


<It's a blue cube...the blue cube. The morphing cube.>

*The morphing cube. The ultimate result of the experiments those...scientists...did on Marin back on Earth...with the ability to duplicate her ability to morph in anyone who touches it.

The cube had originally come from an ancient alien race that had developed the morphing technology. They had disabled the device, but not before it had affected a human...a Water Breather. One of Marin's ancestors. The ability apparently encoded itself in his DNA so thoroughly that it had been passed on in his descendants as a recessive genetic trait. Marin was unable to give the power to someone else, but someone had found the cube...and kidnapped Marin to somehow use her DNA to reactivate it. She'd stolen the cube only to be captured by the Shadows, who had taken it without realizing its worth...

<Aidan, I'm in morph, and this morph can see right through that wall. At least, I can see your skeleton, but never mind. Are you going to touch it or what?>

*Aidan removed the containment package from around the cube, unable to help being nervous.* This...this...

<Touch it! Concentrate on it!>

*Aidan regarded the innocent-looking blue cube. He couldn't help but feel he was betraying Marin by using it...considering how it had been crea---*

<Come on, Aidan.>

*Aidan swept all the conflicting thoughts from his mind and grasped the cube. A tingling, electrical feeling flowed through his body*

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