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*10 years before my last post....*

*Deep within the secret imperial facilities in tatooine core, a Falleen doctor, supervised by an Imperial Officer is hovering over 2 dead bodies, over 4000 years old, kept preserved in carbonite, but never awoken, so they were both 'brain dead' until now, they've had their old brains removed, and new ones cloned in, and their bodies regenerated so they look just as good as before they died, and they're still unconscious...*

*Rioet makes a deep incision in each skull, and removed the top of each head*

Rioet steps back: Time to HAX0R!!! It is time to start programming them for assassination.

*Saurat, the imperial officer nods, approvingly*

*Rioet has a droid plug into the brains, and starts downloading all the human and trandoshan essentials into them*

Rioet to Saurat: This should take but a moment, what I'm having SABER2 (the droid) do, is program all the human and trandoshan stuff into their respective brains...shouldn't take much longer, then we can begin removing the unwanted emotions.

*Saurat smiles and nods*

Rioet: OK, SABER2, time to remove some of those emotions!

*SABER2 makes a funny noise, and starts removing emotions, but a clanking noise is heard, as a few flash grenades land in the center of the room, next to SABER2*

*Saurat unholsters his blaster pistol, and kills the insignifigant rebel immediatelly, but the damage has already been one of those grenades had knock-out gas, which put Rioet and Saurot to sleep for 5 days as well as wipes their memories... and the other was an ionized grenade, which disabled SABER2. Now both Drey and Kioet wake up, and like programmed labor droids, walk towards the exit in search of the nearest bar....weeks later, Drey wakes up in the corner of a cantina, with like complete amnesia, and not really caring...and Kioet comes to his senses on the other side of the cantina, and wonders angrily how he got here*

((OOS: they're not ignorant to their surroundings, they know what time period their in, it was dloaded into them, Drey is a force sensitive, and kioet is a simple trandoshan, but they both have literally warped minds, and aren't aware of being in the same room together in the facility as their minds were a blurr until just now.. ))

((OOS #2: there ya have it, some insight on one of my main characters, and my upcoming one! this is 15 years before Cantina 8, btw and i don't feel like having them in the spinnoffs as i don't feel like reading 10+ pages...))

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