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Originally posted by Hellfire Jedi
Actually i did see the show once and i remember Kai just didn't know his name if i where u i would make Kai before others cuz hes cool
Have you made any player models before, HellfireJedi?

I didn't make Kai first because I saw that Xev was going to be the most difficult part of the project. Kai is not going to be as hard because of his costume. And I know that Stan will be the easiest because he just has a simple red jumpsuit.

I've seen it before. Someone starts on a project and focuses on the easiest, coolest part. Then when it comes to doing the other difficult and important parts, they fail miserably and then give up the entire project.

I intend to make all three of the characters. If I had learned how to model for JK2 by just doing a Kai model, then I wouldn't have learned as much. And by the time I would have got to working on Xev, I would have run into all sorts of problems that I hadn't encountered with Kai. And I may have become frustrated and given up altogether.

It's bad enough that I live in a part of the country where there isn't ANYONE who remotely understands ANYTHING that I try to do with computer art. I'm completely on my own when it comes to learning how to work on computer games. All I have is the scant information that I can glean from the internet and that's it.
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