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((Redwing: I'm curious do you everplan on having Guy takeoff?))

*Heimdall leaves Vidar, and wanders the corridors of the palace. During his wandering he encounters Idun. They walk side by side.*

Heimdall: Hello Idun

Idun: Hello Heimdall. You seem troubled?

Heimdall: Just thinking about my father. First time I have been able to do that since his death.

Idun: We have been busy lately haven't we. No one has had time to morn the dead.

Heimdall: And now we face another threat, and more death with Fenrir released, not to mention the Shadows. These are dark times we live in.

Idun: Yes they are, but there is hope. If the quest is completed then this presant would never exist, and all the dead would live once again. Be prepared I'm pretty sure that your other companions will be angry when they find out who we are, and probably won't be as subdued as your other companions.

Heimdall: Most likely, but that is to be expected. They don't understand why we did what we did. I doubt that they ever will.

Idun: With luck they never will truely know.

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