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((Never thought that it was. I however did look and you never said he tookoff only that he was fiddling with a computer...))

*warning sirens sounded as Guy's ship entered the system. Interrupting Heimdall's and Idun's conversation. They meet Vidar and Tyr in the hanger and Grab a transport to The Pride of Vidi. Vidar's flagship. Meanwhile a cloaked Frigate, approaches Guy's ship*

*on the way to The Pride of Vidi*
Idun: Well either the rest of your company has arrived, or we have some enemies.

Heimdall: How many ships?

Vidar: Only a small ship. However that could be a disguise. Idun, we are going to need you to get a positive ID once we have captured them.

Idun: Yes lord.

Tyr: Well this should be fun. Either way we know there is a shadow on board.

*The transport enter's the Flagships hanger, and the Four head to the bridge. The Pride of Vidi and support ships cloak and move towards Guy's ship. A squad of Beserks station themselves outside Misea, Adians, and Marin's room to protect them just in case. The Frigate near guy's ship begins to broadcast a message along all frequencies*

Message: You have entered restricted space. Turn off your engines and all nonesstential system. Await pickup.

*The Frigate then fires a shot across the bow of Guy's ship*

Message continues: That will be your only warning Shadow.

*The fleet approaches Guy's ship stops within tracktor range, and readies all weapons*

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