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*Guy turns on the comm systems* Well I suppose I should broadcast a---

You have entered restricted space. Turn off your engines and all nonessential systems. Await pickup.

*The voice somehow triggered a vision. Guy saw his ship, flying through space, from a third person view, far removed, as a cloaked ship fired a shot across its bow. Faintly - That will be your only warning Shadow.

He could see all the monstrous Aesirian ships, sitting in a haze that must have been cloaking devices. He could even see the cloaked planet hanging ever so much closer than he had imagined...

He could hear, too, more than he could have heard as a human. Screams echoing through the shattered systems...the dying thoughts of hundreds of peoples...including the Aesir...

The aliens are called the Aesir?

They were the ones who were responsible for the destruction...why didn't I see it before? But doesn't feel as if they did it for evil...

Suddenly everything sped up around him. He was moving faster than light in the astral plane, everything around him a dizzying blur. Then, everything slowed down again.

A man stood floating in front of him. Looking at him.

"My name is T."

Guy: Wh...who...what are you?!

T: I am someone more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Guy: How are you...speaking to me?

T: You aren't the only one with such gifts.


T: I do not have your power to see the future, but I do have the power to see the past, and the present. While you are blind to both.


*Raschel hits Guy* Wake up, stupid! *hastily examines the controls of the fighter* Augh! I don't even know which is the comlink!

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