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Exclamation Report Promod 3.0 bugs here!

I've started fixing some of the bugs that have been reported, and I'm going to follow up the 3.0 release with a 3.1 that will fix everything I know of. So, please list any issues you've found here and I'll get to them as soon as I can. I may add Saga support to 3.1, but I'm thinking that 3.1 may be a bug-fix-only release, because there's a specific issue with dedicated servers reporting the proper gamedirectory ("ProModBeta3" instead of "Promod3.0"), which I've already fixed on my build.

If you've put any bug reports any any of the other Promod 3.0 threads, then please repost them here so that it will be easier for me to keep track of them all. This goes for any that you've emailed me, or private messaged me.

Why I've disappeared the last few days:
I had an exciting trip the the E.R. for a severe anxiety attack on Tuesday. For those of you who don't know what that's like: imagine your entire upper body buzzing as if you're holding onto some high-voltage power lines, and an 800-pound gorilla is sitting on your chest so you can't breathe. Fun, fun.

I'm trying to take it easy for the next few days and not do much of anything, so you guys just keep reporting bugs, and I'll take care of them when I'm feeling better.

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