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More of an exploit I think, but there is a Red move that will kill you with one "hit" even if you are 100/100, even if it only gets close to you, even if you are anticpating with a block, even if it misses altogether.

It looks kinda like a single overhead red swing followed by the same red overhead swing crouched. I can not reproduce it, but I have ran across 2-3 players who use this move exclusively and they are nearly impossible to kill with a saber. No matter how poorly timed their swing is, it still hits (and kills) if you are anywhere near them. I have even been killed by this swing when I was behind the player, hacking on their unprotected back. Dunno, hope it doesnt become as widespread as the oh so l33t 1.03 backstab combos.

Other suggestions,

1. Could the trump system be a two-way matrix and be top down? Consider: Take one saberist wielding blue vs. one wielding red. Blue attacks are fast and furious, and should trump Red's slow and heavy defense. However, when Red returns the attack, his heavy, crushing blow should completly knock away or blast through the blue users nimble parrys.

Heavy attack vs. Med defense +5 to attacker (for power bonus)
Heavy attack vs. Light defense +10 to attacker (for power bonus)
Med attack vs. Heavy defense +5 to attacker (for agility bonus)
Med attack vs. Light defense +5 to attacker (for power bonus)
Light attack vs. Heavy defense +10 to attacker (for agility bonus)
Light attack vs Med defense +5 to attacker (for agility bonus)
Same attack vs Same defense, no bonuses.

If this could be implemented, then it might be cool to make saberists pay for each style individually, with a high and equal cost (10 points?) attached to each style? Even cooler might be the limitation to only have 2 out of 3 styles max per character? Dunno.

2: Agility skill points for gunners, so if they spend points they can get better jumping, then a more little speed, then with even more points the jedi roll move. IMO: They have too many point to spread around as it is now at JM level. The more specialization the better.

3: Make the roll move cost a small amount of force power to prevent droidika style silliness for both classes? There's an awful lot of rolling goin on.

4: Extra HP bonus for knocking / kicking someone off a ledge / cliff in a dramatic fashion? (bad pun alert) Just for kicks?

5: A 1 n 5 chance that you will be impaled when attempting to kick somebody wielding a light saber? Or maybe a CSC determined chance? Kicking someone holding a lightsaber should be a risky manuever. Your Balls + My blade = slice!

Cool MOD. Thanks for the work.
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