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I've never heard of aspartane causing "cancel" either... Hahaah maybe that's what happened to Obi-Wan, he drank Diet Pepsi, lmao!!!

Boba Rhett: Muwhahahaha welcome to the Dark Side! Now we can rule the Galaxy!!! We need one more ally...

Pedro, *waves fingers in front of his face, using an old jedi mind trick* you will join us in the Dark Side... Wait a minute, you're a Hutt! awwwwww !@#$ my old !@#$%^ mind tricks won't work on your @$$... !@#$ !@#$ !@#!@$#@$@!~@#%#$@%#$%$#@^%$@%^%$@

aaaaahhhhh feel better, here 9$ and a Diet Pepsi, Welcome to the Dark Side, all we need now is for you to sign the same papers except with the difference that we are not responsible if Princesses in a metal thong choke you with a chain while your sail barge explodes...

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