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*on the Bride of the Pride of Vidi*

Sensor Officer: Lord, they have stoped, it appears that they have followed our commands.

Vidar: Lock a tractor beam on them and bring them into the hanger bay. Keep a weapons lock on them and be prepared to destroy at the slightest hint of deception.

*A tractor beam locks onto Guy's ship and pulls it into the hangar bay. Vidar, Tyr, Heimdall, and Idun go to the hangar bay will a squad of Beserks.*

Heimdall to beserks: If they are who we are expecting, you will act as an honor guard. However, if they prove hostile Aim for the heads.

Beserk Officer: Yes sir.

*Guy's Ship penatrates the cloaking shield and the group is allowed a brief glimpse of the enormous Pride of Vidi. The ship then enters the hangar and is set down on the bay floor. The Aesir wait for Guy and the others to exit*

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