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Oops, cancel that. The review should be up by the end of the week. Doh!

Okay, well essentially it boils down to an arcade style, third person shooter.

You get to pilot land and space vehicles against the Trade Federation.

Imagine a cross between the vehicle levels of SOTE and Rouge Squadron in third person view. Now put the game in TPM setting. One could call it a prequel to Rogue Squadron.

That's close, but you really have to see the game to get what's going on.

Try viewing some of the movies that are out on the 'net for it. DailyRadar (bad as their reviews are) was nice enough to post those for our benefit.

The game is cool because you can shoot buildings and they turn into wreckage, and you get to fly STAP's and stuff. You can run over Battle Droids in Theed with your speeder as well.

Another nice feature is that it doesn't use fog. ; )


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