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Vidar: Yes Shadow, we have been. Lucky for you we were, since otherwise you would have been destroyed as soon as you entered the system.

Heimdall: I have told you no lies. You, simply haven't asked the right questions. For now, I'll only tell you this. I come from a world that was destroyed in the holocaust. A world which you have never heard of.

Vidar: You will get more information once we get planet side. We will discuss it over dinner. If you will follow us.

*Vidar leads everyone to a shuttle, which they board and head down to the surface. Upon landing they are escorted into a large dinning hall. Marin, Aidan, and Misea are also escorted into the dining hall. Everyone is showed their seats (the table is a rectangle in case your wondering)*

Vidar: Now if you please ask all of your questions, and we will answer them.

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